Ask Yourself These 4 Question Before Starting a Negotiation

Preparation is by far the biggest advantage you can give yourself in a negotiation. To do it like a pro, ask yourself these questions:

1. Why?

Ask yourself “Why am I negotiating? Why am I REALLY negotiating?

To answer this, you must go beyond the surface. This needs a deep level of self-awareness, knowing your values and what truly matters to you.

Reminding yourself of your “WHY” will help you be confident, calm and ensure you control your ego.

(Remember that great negotiators know how to no-ego-tiate). 

2. Who

Ask yourself: “Who are you negotiating with? Try to find information about your negotiation partners: background, values, personality, mindset, etc.

When you can think like your counterpart, you will start speaking the same language - and that is what will connect you to reach successful outcomes!

3. What

Many people go into a negotiation without understanding WHAT they are really negotiating.

You need to understand and determine what it is that matters to you, what the minimum is you'd like to achieve from this negotiation and to what point you are willing to go for it.

This will help you determine your non-negotiables and walk-away points.

4. What's Next?

This is a point most people never think about:

Anticipate what might happen AFTER you've reached an agreement. Has everything been understood the same way by all parties? Have all points been agreed to by everyone? Is there anything pending that might become conflictual in the future?

After all, the most effective way of resolving a conflict is... to prevent it!

By asking yourself these 4 questions you allow yourself to prepare like a pro, go in confident, create an environment of collaboration and reach agreements that are aligned with your values and ethics.

Let's make the world a better place by resolving conflict through negotiation.

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