Like the Frog in a Pan

Over the last few months I have had a small number of emails from our community asking:  

What happens if I stop STAIT?

as well as a few from people who reconnect after having a period off STAIT for Men, as they felt it had stopped working (a misunderstanding confusing TRT / steroids which cause negative feedback loops, versus the all-natural herbs that enhance the body).

Always wanting to explore my body and be able to provide honest personal feedback, I decided to jump off a cliff, and give up STAIT for Men! See, since it was created, I haven’t missed a single day of taking it. My progress with the product I have documented in various articles, like how its not a magic pill, how it works subtly, and and and. So it was with huge trepidation that I approached this challenge.

It actually coincided with doing a 10-day water fast. Another experiment. So going 'cold turkey' it was.

What did I find when stopping my daily double dose of STAIT for Men?

Again, please remember that this is my personal experience, other people may find they respond differently.

  • It’s a slow subtle decline
  • Less energy in my daily life
  • Less positive mental attitude in all aspects of life
  • Depressive feelings of despair
  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Less “feeling” in the gym
  • Slower recovery from exercise
  • Less potency in life
  • Less quality and quantity of erections

Wow! Within a month of no STAIT, when I checked in with my wife, and my own awareness, it was clear, like the frog in a pan of boiling water, the change was very subtle. So subtle in fact, that I didn’t really notice the change. It's only when I took time out to assess the month, and ask my wife, did it come to the fore.

I get it now. I understand why when guys take STAIT for a few months, and then stop, they sometimes report back that it had done it's job, and they don’t feel different after stopping.  That may well be correct. Or it may well be the change was so subtle, like me, they didn’t recognise it.

To elaborate on the specific feelings I experienced.

    1. It's a Slow Subtle Decline

    I didn’t wake up on day 1 (after stopping) with any noticeable negative changes. Nor on day 30. It was only when I read my dairy, and asked Samantha how it had been for her, did it come to be that it was so subtle, I missed it, yet my loved ones noticed my changes.

      2. Less Energy in My Daily Life

        On reflection, I had noted a lack of desire to do things. Complained a bit more about being tired. Didn’t have the drive to get shit done, and sought to lump all of these feelings into the “well that’s just how life is at this time!” See, I am very good at bullshiting myself, making excuses, and hiding.

          So I am definitely guilty of all of that here, something Sam kindly pointed out when I asked her.

          3. Less Positive Mental Attitude in All Aspects of Life

            Linked to the above, given I have always been a “glass almost empty” type of guy, being off STAIT really impacted on this aspect of me. Indeed, at times during the month, it was like I had no glass at all!

              With the STAIT, over the past few years, I have noticed, and people who know me have commented, that my Positive Mental Attitude has increased hugely, as has my joy of life. Within a month of stopping STAIT, I was back to the old normal Shaun, which sucks! Once you have tasted the joie de vivre, you never want to go back to a life less lived. I didn’t notice it. And yet again, when I went through the month with Sam, it's very clear to me that I had reverted back to my old self, and that didn’t serve me well.

              4. Depressive Feelings of Despair

                Following on from points 2 and 3, I did notice after a couple of weeks that life was darker and less sunny, and I am not talking about the weather. Things that hadn’t grated on me for ages, suddenly started having a negative impact.

                  My temper became shorter, my tolerance less, and I just struggled to motivate myself, as “life had gone to shit!”

                  5. Poor Quality of Sleep

                    Sleep has never been my strong point. Too many worrying nights, too much running through my head, and always struggling with the dark.

                      STAIT for Men had helped improve my sleep, in terms of length, and quality, and now I was back to my old self again, and not happy. Again, subtle, again putting the change down to numerous other factors, yet the only real change was a lack of STAIT in my daily life.

                      6. Less Feeling in the Gym

                        One of the big positives for me since STAIT came into my life has been the “feel” of the weights in the gym. A much stronger mind-muscle connection, a stronger sense of work ethic, as well as the joy of the pain of the lifting. I know you guys will know what I mean here – that intense pain-pleasure when hitting the 10th rep PB on a heavy deadlift, or smashing a shoulder press that you haven’t been able to do before.

                          I realised that in the STAIT years, my PBs had steadily gone up, as had my sense of joy. After a month, whilst the weights didn’t decrease, the PBs did, and worse, the joy of training left me. This was massive for me as I love the gym, love to smash a session, and even if every other aspect of life is off, the gym has always been my savior. To cease to exist in the month was devastating.

                          7. Slower Recovery from Exercise 

                            Even with no PBs, less motivation, less feeling, I ached like an 85 year old miner!

                              Getting out of bed was tough, walking on the beach was more a shuffle than a fast gait, and overall, my joints and muscles ached.

                              8. Less Potency in Life

                                In summary, I would say the subtle change in life, described above, was a decline in personal power and belief, and a decline in potency. Life no longer was positive, joyful and orgasmic.

                                  Life became mundane, and I was always happy to see the day end! A subtle slide into old age.

                                  9. Less Quality and Quantity of Erections

                                  Final point. Possibly the worst of all, I went from really enjoying my sexual encounters with my beautiful wife, where I enjoyed a strong drive, a strong erection, and massive sensory arousal, to a lessor version of myself.

                                    She was kind enough to not say anything, but once I reflected on all of this, I know in myself, that in that month, I was less than the best version of myself.

                                    The good news – the experiment is over. The 10 day fast went well and I got rid of huge amounts of toxic biofilm that I had accumulated since birth, and I am now back on STAIT for Men.

                                    It's not a quick process, as the herbs do take time to work. However, even after 4 days back on, my body feels stronger, lighter, less painful, and my mind is regaining the “just fucking do it” mentality.

                                    Positivity returns in spades, and most of all, the joie de vivre is back, and for all of you wondering, yes Sam has a huge big smile on her face again. As you would expect, she has her husband back at home.

                                    Lessons from Life

                                    It takes us until now to be who we are now, and it takes a while to change to who we desire to be.

                                    Life will give you your dreams, but they do require constant effort and input. Take your foot off the pedal, and you will slow down gradually, until you stop.

                                    Putting the hammer down again is a choice, and rest assured, once you choose, not only will you reach previous heighs, you will soon surpass your previous great state,

                                    Take it from me, a constant work in progress, constant learning by my errors, life with STAIT is way better than life without.

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