Tips to Strengthen Your Immune Response

First, lets look at common ‘modern practices’ that weaken the immune system:

  • nutritional deficiency, and junk food diets 
  • chronic stress
  • exposure to toxins and pollutants
  • excessive consumption of alcohol
  • smoking
  • infections
  • exposure to heavy metals, eg. aluminium and mercury

It would be wise to avoid the above list.

Naturally, a healthy diet and healthy active lifestyle is your number one target when it comes to strengthening the immune system. Yet, we also can’t hide the fact that our diet and lifestyle has changed significantly in recent years. Modern day living can be stressful for some; modern day diets – i.e. supermarket processed packaged foods – aren’t exactly healthy; and modern day cities aren’t exactly pollutant-free.

Certain supplements can be extremely beneficial in improving the immune response. This is why we formulated STAIT for Men with herbs that help to support the body in times of stress as well as 2 key minerals that are renowned for their affinity with the immune system: zinc and selenium.

Furthermore, zinc and selenium work brilliantly together, with a synergistic effect. The interaction between these two minerals (when consumed together) cause an effect that is greater than the sum of the individual effect of each mineral alone.


Zinc helps to maintain resistance to infection, and may help to inhibit bacterial and viral growth and replication. Zinc is found in high concentrations in white blood cells and is required for their formation and growth. Low zinc will decrease white blood cell activity. Zinc is also necessary for the production of lymphocytes that attach to foreign substances and destroy it.


Selenium greatly enhances the function of the immune system in allowing it to respond effectively. At least one study has shown that selenium deficiency can lead to viruses that are relatively harmless becoming virulent after they pass through a selenium deficient host.

Effectively support your immune response with STAIT - the intelligent formula specifically designed to elevate your everyday.


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