Uncover the Ugly Truth Behind Testosterone Boosters: Listen to STAIT Co-Founder Shaun on 'Straight Talk Mind and Muscle' Podcast

Check out "Straight Talk Mind and Muscle" podcast, where STAIT Co-Founder Shaun joins host Damian Porter, a former Special Forces Operator and Sleep, Stress and Human Nutrition Coach, to delve into the latest research and expert insights on health, fitness, and wellness.

Shaun shares his personal journey of understanding the impact of hormones on overall health and wellness, including his chance meeting with a PHD scientist whose research focused on age-related testosterone decline. This led to the creation of STAIT.

During the podcast, Shaun and Damian discuss the impact of hormones on both men and women and the crucial role of insulin, cortisol, and sex hormones in overall health.

Click on the links below to listen to the episode and be sure to check our site and social for more information on how to improve your health.

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