One of the World's Most Influential Professional Negotiators, Lousin Mehrabi, Shares Her Experience with STAIT

"STAIT for Women is brilliant. I notice when I’m taking it. And more importantly, I notice when I am not. It gives me energy, clarity and helps me sleep and handle day-to-day stressors." 

- Lousin Mehrabi


Selected as one of the Most Influential Negotiation Professionals Globally, Lousin Mehrabi is an International Speaker, Trainer and Advisor in Negotiations, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership. She works with CEOs and decision makers worldwide to help them get the best out of themselves, their teams and their performance.

Lousin began her career in Finance in 2001, on the high pressure trading floors of investment banks. As a country head she was responsible for defining the Strategy and led high stakes business negotiations with Stock Exchanges and regulators. Be it contract negotiations, Mergers & Acquisitions or IPOs. Passionate about negotiations she enrolled in a year-long Masterclass in Complex Negotiations by some of the world’s best (hostage) negotiators. She qualified as a Certified Professional Negotiator, CPN© by the International Scientific Experts Committee of Negotiators and decided to leave her successful job in Finance to share her expertise for a greater good.

Today she is an international sought-after Speaker and the Global Head of Negotiation Training for ADN Group. She is also the Special Advisor to 4 CEOs. Lousin is a mother of 2, a graduate of 3 International Business Schools, holds 4 nationalities and speaks 5 languages. As a mother of a son with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a disease that has no cure, and a life expectancy that historically has not exceeded 20 years of age, Lousin is also an advocate for awareness and inclusion.


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