How STAIT Reduced Menopause Symptoms of Resilience Expert and Leadership Transformation Coach, Kylee Stone.

"I started taking STAIT for Women close to a year ago.

"As a business owner and mother of three children, the past few years have been fuelled with stress. While the first year of COVID had a significant impact on my business, it was the second year that took its toll on my health.

"Home-schooling three kids, temporarily closing down the business, going through a separation while my husband was diagnosed with cancer, my father-in-law having a stroke and, at the same time, going through my own challenges with menopause - needless to say - was tough.

"Thanks to the effort I’d put into developing resilience in recent years, even getting myself certified as a high-adversity resilience coach, I had a pretty good handle on my own self-care with a regular meditation practice, good sleep and a diet that excluded sugar and alcohol. I even successfully managed to transition from my love of high-impact workouts at the gym to yoga and swimming.

"Despite all my efforts physically, mentally and emotionally, I was putting on weight and felt like I was in a constant state of fatigue.

"While doing some research on thought leaders in the area of resilience and wellbeing for my podcast The Uncharted Leader, I came across Samantha and Shaun Sargent who, at the time, were the Founders of Be Genki for Women and Be Spunki for Men, now collectively STAIT.

"Fascinated by their tagline to “elevate their everyday - everything you need and nothing you don’t” and, at the same time, see if I could discover something new for myself, I invited them to join me on podcast to enlighten me on their story and the work they were doing in this space.

"With a more informed view on the product and its benefits in helping women with hormonal imbalances, I made the decision to give STAIT for Women a shot and see if it would make any difference to my energy levels and, as shallow as it may sound, help with losing the weight I’d gained in all those areas where I’d never had issues but, now going through menopause, I was knee deep.

"The symptoms were text-book - unexplained weight gain, fatigue, tingling in my hands and body, diarrhoea, depression and anxiety.

"Within a few months of taking STAIT for Women my energy levels were up and, not only was I back at the gym, I signed up for a trial of Bikram Yoga and in the first week shocked myself with 6 classes.

"While the weight has started coming off (slowly), it's all the other benefits that have kept me going - apart from a week of COVID, my energy levels have remained strong and, while I’m still dealing with all the same challenges with kids and work, I’m no longer feeling fatigued on a daily basis, the depression, anxiety and tingling in my body has disappeared and I’m managing 5 - 6 workouts a week."

- Kylee Stone

Brand Builder, Growth Strategist, Storyteller, Mother, Resilience Expert and thought-leader in the area of Leadership Transformation with over 20 years experience as a coach and facilitator, Kylee's purpose is to help people ignite their passion, grow their influence and amplify the impact they have in business, leadership and life.

Renowned for her courage, resilience and compassion, Kylee has an intrinsic talent for connecting our personal stories with purpose and creating deep, meaningful connections, disrupting the traditional view of leadership and empowering people in being courageous by taking action in direct accordance with their Vision, Values, Mission and Purpose.

Unlock your body's natural ability to find balance and perform at its best, exactly the way it's meant to.
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