Chiropractor for the World Surf League and Functional Health Expert, Jason Gilbert, Emphasises the Importance of Avoiding Exogenous Testosterone

"I love to share stuff that I’m really impressed with and supplements that changed my life.

The guys from STAIT are so in tune with what herbs work together, especially with these formulas where they’re trying to increase our sex hormones, naturally. Whilst at the same time, what’s really important is keeping cortisol levels where it should be. Not too high, because when we exercise excessively, or when we’re stressed out, when other things happen in our life, cortisol blocks the really important benefits that our sex hormones bring to our lives. Not just sex drive, obviously libido, but .. strength, concentration, ageing, cardiac health and all the rest.

"I’m that much of a fan of STAIT for Men, that I’ve talked about it and recommended it to many of my patients. I am personally very happy with it and have been taking it for over 2 years now. I can tell the difference if I run out. It is incredible.

"There’s a few supplements I’m so grateful for every time I take them, this is one of them. For strength, for concentration, and of course, for libido.

I notice the positive effects when I’m training. I notice it also when I’ve tested my testosterone levels, and I notice things when I don’t take STAIT.

"If you’re feeling like you’re lacking motivation. STAIT gives you that kick to start exercising again. This is something for me, that keeps me on my game.

One thing I want to emphasise, It’s really important to understand that testosterone is not a hormone that you want to take exogenously because you never know how that’s going to react within your body and other hormones.

The negative feedback loop of the body will react, and shut down natural production of testosterone, which of course is very counterproductive. When you take a very well thought out formula like STAIT for Men it’s an investment in your health on many levels. Not only your sleep, your sexual performance, your physical performance, your concentration, but also the fact that you know that you’re not giving yourself any long term risk of other hormonal problems that I’ve seen countless times in my career as a wellness practitioner.

"I’m relaying this from my own experience as well as from many many happy clients that I’ve recommended STAIT to."

- Jason Gilbert


Sports Chiropractor for the World Surf League and Functional Health Expert, Jason Gilbert, has helped tens of thousands of people overcome their spinal problems and backpain for over 30 years.


Unlock your body's natural ability to find balance and perform at its best, exactly the way it's meant to.

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