Why Busy Mum, Nutritionist, Gut and Hormone Specialist, Jess Wilson, Loves STAIT

"As a trained Nutrition, Gut and Hormone Practitioner, I've had 7 years experience with supplements in my practice and I am very particular about what I say yes to!

"Taking STAIT for myself has made an incredible difference to my morning energy levels, and I can feel my detox pathways working, which is so important for me as a 42 year old busy woman. I love knowing that all three critical systems of hormone balance, adrenals and detoxification are all being supported on a daily basis. I can't do without my daily STAIT, I love it!"

- Jess Wilson


Jess Wilson is an internationally trained Nutritionist, Gut and Hormone Specialist and Guest Speaker. She believes the reason she was put on this planet is to inspire people to live a big, happy, joyful life.

Through a traumatic journey of having to fight for her two boys health and heal her own body, Jess learned that the human body is capable of incredible things.

She teaches that taking responsibility for your health is the most powerful choice you could ever make. And, she's on a mission to take her story global and to lift people up.

Jess works with clients all over the world 1:1, offers specialist microbiome and hormone testing, and has a number of online programs that are changing lives everywhere. She's also a guest speaker, busy mum, and lover of movement by the ocean.

Unlock your body's natural ability to find balance and perform at its best, exactly the way it's meant to.

STAIT Kit For Women

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