Our Story



Elevate Your Everyday

In our search of better, we’re seeking a new state. Whether that’s a state of calm, performance, or a state of vitality, each of us has a sense of being we’re looking for.

But to get there, we also need to state our purpose – our goal, ideals, our why. By being intentional about our actions, we get closer to what we want.


State is both a destination and our intention to get there. It’s a powerful call to action and a clear marker for results

Made by Nature. Elevated by Science.

Made by Nature. Elevated by Science. Like nature, your natural state is powerful. We’ve taken an all-natural science-backed approach to your personal well-being – to elevate your natural state.

By building a strong visual link to nature, the STAIT brand can leverage and connect the powerful characteristics of nature to the value of our product through visual storytelling.