Frequently asked questions

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Take four capsules each day with a meal –– two in the morning with breakfast and two at lunch or dinner or as directed by a healthcare professional.

We do not recommend taking STAIT for Men / Women if you are on immune-suppressing medication, because STAIT for Men / Women will naturally strengthen your immune function. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, please consult your health care provider prior to commencing with STAIT for Men / Women.

Yes, STAIT for Men / Women can be taken whilst on SSRIs. There are no contraindications. If ever in doubt, please consult your health care practitioner.

Everyone is different, so the time frame for results will vary. The clinical studies showed results over a 6 - 8 week test period when taking STAIT for Men / Women ingredients. Some people notice results in as little as a week. Some people notice results after 6 weeks. The Customer Reviews on the product pages of our website will give you a good indication of what to expect.

No. STAIT for Men / Women supports your body to do what it does naturally. Rather than adding in exogenous hormones, STAIT for Men / Women creates an environment in the body where the body can naturally produce and utilise it's own hormones, at it's own optimal level. Because it is the body doing what it does naturally, and in its most optimal way, the longer you take STAIT for Men / Women, the better the results will be.

See it like this ... STAIT for Men / Women provides the body with the perfect raw materials, from which it can build what it needs, at a time when it needs it, at the amount it requires. No more, no less.

Our view of life is "body knows best". By providing our body with what it requires to thrive, and allowing it to do what it was designed for, that's why 'real' people get real results with STAIT for Men / Women.

We’re Australian made and owned. It’s how we get to guarantee everything that comes in and everything that goes out of our warehouse is the best quality.

STAIT for Men / Women is made in Australia at a lab that has strict quality control processes. All production is meticulously monitored by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Every batch of ingredient is tested to ensure identification, purity and the highest quality. The facility adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for dietary supplements.

STAIT Herbal Teas and Superfoods are made in a food-grade facility that has strict quality control processes. Every batch of herbs is frozen for a number of weeks to ensure there is no chance of mould growth within the certified organic herbs that we source from various growers around Australia and the world (where growing in Australia is not possible). The facility adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for food-grade products.

You can be rest assured that the quality of ingredients, production and delivery are our utmost priority.

STAIT for Men / Women is packaged in a recyclable cardboard box, made in Australia from a sustainable source of raw materials. We choose to support our local Aussie industry, as opposed to out-sourcing a cheaper box from overseas. We like to support local, where possible.

STAIT Herbal Teas and Superfoods are packaged in a food-grade pouch that is compeltely free from BPA linings. Yes, we consider all aspects of the integrity of our products including the way in which they are packaged to ensure that you consume everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Chances are, if you are over 35 years old, living in modern society, following a “normal” diet and partaking in the usual male activities, then YES, you need it.

Numerous medical studies have shown that today, the average 18 year old male has roughly 25% less Male Hormones than his 18 year old grandfather did. Add to that the normal age diminishing of male hormone, after 30, most men see a 40% decrease in male hormone levels. Past 40, you have roughly half of what you had in your 20’s, and remember, you are starting from a much lower baseline than your granddad.

Add to this the environmental toxins we are exposed to as men – from the BPA in plastics (known and hidden) that increase the dreaded estrogen in males, to the soy in our latte that is a huge male hormone disruptor, and to add insult to injury, that manly beer we all drink at the end of a hard day, or on the weekend – well forget it. Brewers droop is a proven medical condition, found in men and women who handled the hops contained in beer. Hops are a huge source of male hormone disruption.

Yes, you need it. And please be mindful that there is no such thing as a 'magic pill'. So we strongly encourage you to make improvements to your daily nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Yes, STAIT for Women is ideal for this stage in life. In fact, many of our customers have noticed a dramatic reduction in their menopausal symptoms when they continue to take STAIT for Women on a daily basis.

Whilst there are no contraindications for the herbs in STAIT for Women for those who are pregnant, we prefer to err on the side of caution.

Once you find out that you are pregnant, we recommend that you stop taking STAIT for Women throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.

Post pregnancy, you may re-commence your daily Stait for Women to help support your hormone balance and stress-response. During this time STAIT for Women may be of particular benefit, to help relieve the symptoms of mild anxiety, fatigue, general health and wellbeing.

Yes, STAIT for Women can be taken whilst on contraceptives. Furthermore, when coming off the oral contraceptive pill Stait for Women provides a range of benefits that support healthy reproductive hormone balance vital for women's health.

When choosing the Subscription option at Checkout, no coupon code is required. It's a convenient way to ensure that you don't run out of your favourite STAIT products. Your order will be processed on the same day each month. You will receive a notification via email about your upcoming charge each month, which contains links for you to edit or cancel your subscription at any time. Taking STAIT products daily is an effective way to enhance your health and wellbeing.