Giving Back

Discover how STAIT is making a difference by giving back to the community through its support for causes that foster growth, empowerment, and positive change.


STAIT is proud to support the Scunthorpe Alphas, an American football team that holds a special place in the hearts of its community and embodies the values of hard work, discipline, and camaraderie. 

As an organization with strong principles, STAIT recognizes the transformative impact the sport can have on individuals, such as co-founder Shaun Sargent, who credits his own experience with the Scunthorpe Steelers for pulling him out of a dark time in his life, giving him a home surrounded by strong men, after the death of his mother.

Continuing the tradition of the Scunthorpe Steelers, The Alphas not only provide an outlet for athletic excellence but also fostering lasting friendships and inspiring pride in the community of Scunthorpe.

Along with supporting the 1st team, who are growing from strength to strength, equally as important is to be able to support the coaching of 3 youth teams, giving the youth of the area something to participate in, and excel at. Whilst in its infancy, the Alpha’s can boast a proven track record with the youth teams, with members being selected to play for country, and also, being recognised and drafted into the big league, NFL training school.

The youth scheme is a huge part of the Alpha’s success, and something STAIT is committed to developing further.

Through unwavering support and shared values, STAIT and the Scunthorpe Alphas work together to build a brighter future for the town, its people and its youth, with the conviction that success is not just a possibility, but inevitable.


STAIT proudly supports the Bravos Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team, a world-class gym with an impressive record of achievements. 

The team's recent successes include dominating the WA State Championships in both Gi and No Gi categories, as well as earning gold and bronze medals at the IBJJF World Championships.

In addition to their competitive accomplishments, the Bravos team offers a diverse selection of classes catering to various age groups and skill levels, from BJJ beginners and kids classes to advanced competition training and strength and conditioning.

Having been a target for bullies through most of his childhood, Shaun is very grateful to Rodrigo and the team for providing kids of all ages the discipline of Jiu Jitsu, providing a child with the strength of character to defend themselves, a strong sense of self-worth and value, along with the mastership of not abusing that gift, is something all children should be taught, in every school.

Their comprehensive approach to BJJ training has made Bravos an esteemed gym in the martial arts community. And that is why we are proud to be partners with Rodrigo and the Bravos family.

» Read more from Bravos BJJ Head Coach, Rodrigo Giraldes


STAIT is honored to support APOD (Australian Partners of Defence), a dedicated organization established by veteran families for the benefit of those who have served and continue to serve in the Australian Defence Force. 

Since 2012, APOD has been building connections between businesses and the Australian defence community, offering exclusive discounts and benefits to personnel, reservists, allied forces, veterans, and their immediate families.

This support contributes to enhancing the lives of those who have selflessly served their country.


The theme continues with ex-special forces operator, policeman, and now fireman, Damian Porter.

As well as his day job, and of hosting the Straight Talk – Mind and Muscle Podcast, where he interviews the world’s top special forces troops, providing insight into how to become a better person, as well as tips the special forces use to be their best version of themselves, daily (there cannot be an off day as an operator), in his “spare time” his “Straight Talk" podcast provides people with pragmatic skills, that give them more situational awareness of potential threats in daily life.

Whether that be outlining the danger of walking home with headphones on at night, or how to enter the garage at home safely, Damian’s work has saved countless people from serious harm.

Many of his community owe their life to Damian, so it is a great honour to support this work, and be able to share some of his wisdom, all with the aim of helping people with easily implementable skills, that will elevate their every day.


Mandy offers a unique community for men, creating a space where men can come together and take ownership of their life, learning how to prepare and powerfully lead themselves through their daily environment, as the best man they choose to be at any given time.

Successfully moving strong grounded men through victories, challenges and everyday life, including burn-out, burn-out prevention and demanding situations with resilience, conviction, purpose, drive, compassion and honour.

For STAIT, this is an opportunity for men to have an opportunity to speak about their daily concerns, in a safe environment, rather than having to bottle up the emotions, which often leads to anxiety, depression, and sadly, even suicide.

Mandy has an integrity of message, and a proven track record in this space, and her mission aligns perfectly with ours – helping people reduce anxiety and stress, and begin to thrive in their daily life regardless of what life deals them.


STAIT is proud to sponsor the work of ex-service veteran — Scott Evennett, a former Special Forces commando.

My Next Op is a course created by Scott, designed to help men learn about fitness, discipline and resilience, by using a proactive approach to wellness. A proactive approach to wellness, empowering men to surpass their perceived limitations.

To have the opportunity to uncover and experience a higher level of personal capability, that then transposes back into daily life, is what we are keen to see.

As with all we support, key is for people to receive and be able to implement on a daily basis, skills tips and techniques, that make their everyday better.


For us to live the life we live, we have needed strong people doing things most of us wouldn’t be capable of, nor desire to do.

At STAIT, we are immensely grateful to those who did for us, what we couldn’t do, and whose sacrifice and commitment to life as we know it, enables us to live in a way we do.

The Veteran community is a huge inspiration for STAIT, with the wisdom that community shares, and the life skills that benefit everyone, if they choose to implement.
To be a founding member of the inaugural Veteran Games, where teams come together to showcase the learned skills, is a massive honour for us.

To be able to say a small thank you to our veterans, is the least we can do.