I Love This Cartoon by Tony Blauer

It immediately made me think of fear ... fear of death ... fear of life ... fear of violence ... fear of fear ...

If we didn’t fear fear, how would we live?

It’s (sometimes) easier to focus on fear because fear is now whereas the goal is the future.

Does that make sense?

We get a fear spike now because we are visualising a future ‘negative’ event.

And by focusing on fear we debilitate ourselves now.

I’ve used the acronym F.E.A.R (False Expectations Appearing Real) for a few decades.

This cartoon meme perfectly depicts it.


  1. Focus on the very next step that moves you toward the goal.
  2. Create emotional traction so your body leans towards the positive.

Your movement, actions, mindset, and attitude should be infused with passion and intent.

This way, if there is a setback, a failure, or defeat it will come as a complete surprise, because you were fully committed to the strategy and goal!

You cannot be fully committed to your strategy if you are diluting your focus, giving unnecessary energy to an internal enemy of your own creation #fuckfear!

If it goes as planned, you win.

If it doesn’t, you learn.

You win with either outcome.

And you won’t have wasted time worrying about the negative, you will be more experienced and resilient.

The mind navigates the body.

“Defeat should always come as a surprise."

Remember my acronym #fuckfear:

Face it

Understand it

Control it

Know it

World-renowned self-defense and fear management expert

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