A Process to Change the Way You Think, Act, Behave & Communicate

Success is different for everybody. Success may be having a clean house, happy kids and a comfortable lifestyle, others may want world peace or an abundant lifestyle. Whatever your dream, The Dear Diary Process by Stuart Walter will work for you. It has provided immeasurable benefit to business executives, elite athletes, parents, children, teachers and students and many others.

Stuart says,

"These days everyone seems to be telling you to grind, hustle, sleep when you are done not when you are tired, change your attitude and go for it. That is great … BUT HOW? This is the missing link that all motivational influencers and self-appointed guru’s forget to share, unless you buy their $2997 program.

"Consider all the self-help tools you have used, motivational talks, movies and programs you have been to and experienced. Now combine all that knowledge and use this process to get results. If you have not dealt with issues and limitations and blockages in your life then all the motivation is useless. The Dear Diary Process can remove the limitations, change beliefs and dissolve blockages leaving you free to use all your knowledge, talents, skills and abilities to release your potential. This process shares the real secrets to the law of attraction and the opposing law that no one talks about … the law of survival. This is why we have fear, procrastinate and self sabotage. The Dear Dairy addresses all of this and gives you a very powerful method that takes 5 minutes a day and it works, while you sleep!

How the Dear Diary Process Came About

"Dear Diary is an intuitive idea created on Wednesday, 17 March 2010. It was part of a consultation with a client - a professional golfer, Nick Cullen. As we sat discussing the situation Nick was experiencing, this simple comment from him - I write in my diary every night - was the catalyst for this idea. I asked, why write about what you did, it is now history? Why remind yourself of it, especially if it was bad? The process was just unfolding as I was explaining it.

"It seemed so simple and with something that most people have already ... a diary! It all revolves around the time you write your Dear Diary entry and the context of the words. Just imagine ... something this simple can be the greatest way to remove those blockages or limits you had. It is an easy way to remove limiting beliefs and to deal with the fear of the unknown. Good habits become something you do automatically. You may well be surprised how quickly your attitudes and behaviours change from day one.

"To make the most of this process you need to understand the theory behind each comment you will make. For the best results please read the eBook first … Men, this means you too!

Stuart Walter

For the last 16 years, Stuart Walter has specialised in elite performance mindset. Regarded as a world leader for sports and elite performance hypnotherapy and Mindset Coaching. His clients household names in the field of sport around the world, they are also National, Commonwealth and currently 40 World Champions (as of June 2022). Stuart knows how to release the extra potential, even in the already elite. Stuart works with individuals, corporate teams and sporting teams and loves sharing his knowledge as a presenter, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.

Download the The Dear Diary Process here.

Enjoy The Dear Diary Process and love the results."

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