You Cannot Survive the Storm by Tony Blauer

There’s a popular meme that goes:

Fate whispers: “You cannot survive the storm.”

I respond: “I am the storm.”

I disagree.

The storm is the storm. You are not the storm. 

I get the intended meaning, but the words are relevant.

Again, the storm is the storm.

The metaphor is that the storm represents chaos, danger, fear, and so on.

I get it.

We will all face multiple storms in our lives. We need to weather them. Learn from them and remember their lessons.

  • Surviving the storm creates resilience.
  • Surviving the storm creates ‘experience’.
  • Surviving the storm forges us and we evolve.

We must do our best to remember all this while going through it so we can experience the journey with as much grace and dignity as possible.

I came across this meme - its elegance resonated with me and explains this idea better than I can write it.


Moral: The storm is inevitable.

Trust that you will be stronger, smarter, and more experienced once it passes.

Pressure creates diamonds - adaptation improves resilience.

To self-actualize we need obstacles! 


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